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Channel Swimming Training Programmes
Right,you are considering swimming the English Channel and are looking for further training support and advice to enable you to successfully achieve your goal.Well where better to obtain channel swim training than from Julie Bradshaw MBE,a guru in the world of Channel Swimming? Julie has even completed the crossing using the butterfly stroke.Yes you read that correctly,Julie has swum the English Channel using the butterfly stroke. Mad? - Yes thats Mad Fish - Madfish Channel Swim Training.
So contact us now if you are considering swimming The English channel or indeed considering any other open water long distance swim, lakes,lochs or open waterways.  Contact us by clicking here quoting MS10 and receive a code for an instant 10% discount via madfishsport.Discount available only via this site and not available elsewhere
  • Open Water Swimming Training
  • Pool Swim Training
  • Channel Swimming Training
  • 6 Hour Qualifiers for English Channel Undertaken
  • Support Boats
  • Training and Stroke Analysis in Private Outdoor 'Endless Pool'
  • Training and Stroke Analysis in 50m Olympic Indoor Swimming Pool fact any type of swimming training
Your coach is Dr Julie Bradshaw MBE 20x World Record Holder so rest assured you are in safe hands. Your swimming training will be based at Lake Windermere  in the Lake District Cumbria or at Loch Lomond Scotland. We have our own boats in order that we may accompany you on your open water swim training,one of which is pictured as below.
Butterfly on The lake is a virtually brand new nigh on 30ft 5.0 litre V8 300 HP Bayliner cruiser with accomodation for 8 crew. Other boats due to join us shortly may include a 2008 model Shetland Family Four 19ft with a 30hp Mercury along with our auxiliary 5hp outboard or a Sea Ray 215 Express Cruiser. We also  have a canoe and support RIB.
Butterfly on theLake.berthed and lying Windermere.

The  photo below is an example of the towable Shetland Family 4
Below is an example of the Sea Ray 215 that may be joining our fleet!
In the meantime please do visit our  Open Water Swim Training Website
Your Swim Coach
Julie is the secretary of The Channel Swimming Association,the governing body that verifies and ratifies Channel Swimming.
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The Sport of English Channel Swimming ( traces its origins to the latter part of the 19th Century when Captain Matthew Webb made the first observed and un-assisted swim across the Strait of Dover – swimming from England to France in 21 hours and 45 minutes. To date, there have been approximately 1000 successful swims of the Channel and have included swimmers all over the world, as well as solos and relay swims.

My first solo swim was aged 15 and in that year, I was swimmer number 174 with a British Junior Record time of 10 hours and 9 minutes that stills stands today. The swim itself is a distance of 22 miles in a straight line; however, due to the tides and currents swimmers swim much more. For example, on my butterfly World Record solo Channel swim in 2002, I covered 29 miles in 14 hours 18 minutes. This was seen on my chart, which was given to me after my swim.

Swimming the Channel is not just about getting in and swimming. It’s much more than that. This is where the Channel Swim Coach and person (Dr. Julie Bradshaw MBE 20 times World Record Holder) with excellent knowledge of the swim is SO useful - over 35 years involvement both in breaking records and coaching expertise in the field of Channel Swimming
Julie is an Official and listed Coach for the Channel Swimming Association After deciding on a Channel swim, you have to book your boat. This vessel is very important, in what is classed as the busiest shipping lane in the world. The boat IS your best friend during the swim and the pilot is the person with the expert knowledge of tides, course and weather (given our weather in the UK!!). So once the boat is booked, what’s next?
  1. Affiliation to the Channel Swimming Association (CSA Ltd)

In 1927 (at a time when less than a dozen swimmers had managed to emulate Captain Matthew Webb’s feat), the CSA was founded to authenticate swimmer’s claims to have swam The English Channel, and to verify crossing times (

All the Administration takes place here and this is where you are officially registered. The Information/Registration Pack is the document required by all swimmers to complete. It also contains invaluable information for The Channel Swim attempt.

  1. The Training. (Sport Performance/Bespoke Channel Swim Training Programmes)

This is about the MIND, BODY, SPIRIT relationship. And without the correct mental attitude, no matter how much swim training you do, then forget it. When you are out there, you have to be totally positive and focused, believe me. I’ve been through it successfully. There’s the swimming (mileage and of course technique) feeding, cold water acclimatization (outdoor swim training), and so much more.


Along with NLP and being a qualified teacher and coach of swimming (Head Swim Coach in Canada and in Leicestershire), you get the whole package:
  • Tailor made Channel Swim Coaching/Training & Sport programmes, including coaching of stroke and resources. Continual programme support (click here)
  • Psychological component (‘What do you want?’) and we focus on what you want, believe me. We also work on eliminating anything that may be holding you back from achieving your dream, such as limiting decisions and negative emotions so that you are left feeling empowered and completely ready to take on the challenge, overcome it and to achieve more than you’d ever hoped of. That’s right
  • My own shared experiences, which are proof that my way REALLY does work, and together we make it work FOR YOU. Each of us is unique and has all the resources we need within. And we find the way that is yours, and only yours, thus maximizing and expanding upon your potential. Only contact us if you want to make your dream a reality.
  • Nutrition: find out what Julie has  used and still does both during her swim and in the run up to keep her immune system healthy and in peak condition.
"To me, the sea is like a person - like a child that I've known a long time. It sounds crazy, I know, but when I swim in the sea I talk to it. I never feel alone when I'm out there."  
Training Packages
Specialists in
Openwater Swimming Coaching and English Channel Swim Training Programmes
A. The Big Challenge - Why This?
This is for you if you want
  • To swim The English Channel or complete a big specific goal (Loch Lomond available, too)
  • To work on the physical, mental and emotional part of the challenge
  • To expand your potential
What You Get from 'The Big Challenge'
  • Pre-Coaching Tasks
  • A choice of bespoke* swim coaching/training & programmes*
  • Use of boat
  • Lake Windermere and/or six hour swim qualifier for solo English Channel swim
  • Loch Lomond Swim (21 miles) EXCLUSIVE to Madfish
  • Schedule advice
  • Ongoing support
  • Choice of magnotherapy product and nutrition aid (subject to availability)
  • Accompany you to the event and during it (optional) (Extra expenses required to cover costs of travel, accommodation, time etc)
* Bespoke English Channel Swim Coaching & Training programmes include swim technique and other psychological and motivational techniques to enhance performance
B. Magical Performance - Why This?
This is for you if you want
  • To work on and enhance any sports performance
  • To work on all round mental, emotional and physical health and fitness
  • To rid yourself of any limiting decisions and beliefs, in fact any obstacles, therefore, leading to greater performance
  • To expand your potential
What You Get from 'Magical Performance'
  • Pre-Coaching tasks
  • Choice of bespoke coaching (*) including psychological and motivational elements
  • Choice of magnotherapy product (subject to availability)
  • Goal setting "Create Your Success."
  • Continual support
Your Investment (The Big Challenge & Magical Performance):
Silver Light Trainer: £2695
Gold Challenge Trainer: £3995
Platinum Intense Trainer: £5695
* Further information on request. Please phone 07941 467291
 * Please note we** are the only business in the world who offer the two premier UK swims of Windermere (10.5 miles)  and Loch Lomond (21 miles) as part of our packages. These can also be booked separately. Bookings are taken well in advance as availability is limited so please enquire now to avoid disappointment.
Also available:
  • One to one Channel & swim coaching/training sessions
  • One to one NLP/Motivational sessions
  • Swim Coaching & Training Programmes on skype (distance is no excuse!)
  • Group sessions - please enquire.
  • Sessions are available from the novice openwater swimmer to those aspiring to swim the English Channel.
Your Investment: dependant on time and intervention required. Please enquire.
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Other Information
Swim coaching and sport performance swim programmes take place all year round in an Outdoor Endless Pool click here and Loughborough University's 50m Indoor pool  Click Here
Julie in her Outdoor Endless Pool
Loughborough University 50m Indoor pool
Indoor pool facility at Health Club also available at Windermere for a combination of indoor/outdoor swim coaching
Other landbased interventions are at Julie's home in Loughborough. There is flexibility for these to be at other locations after discussion.
Sports Performance
Want to increase ability and performance in your sport?
• Want to maximize your potential and even expand upon it
• Want strategies and techniques that can ensure you perform under pressure AND
• Help you enjoy your sport more, enhance concentration and motivation?
Wouldn’t this be useful for YOU, right NOW?

“There are no great people in this world, only challenges which ordinary people rise to meet.” (William Frederick Halsey Jr)

What does Madfish  do and how?

We provide coaching to individuals and teams, developing the mental skills that bring out the best of your performance potential, in addition to specialist coaching & training in both pool, Channel and Long Distance Swimming. It is tailor made to individual needs and enhances the athlete’s perception of their ability. Group workshops are offered as are individual consultations.

Whilst most traditional sport psychology is involved primarily with our conscious understanding, as a development Coach, the majority of my work is based on NLP, which takes place at the Unconscious level. It is here that all learning, change and behaviour take place.

Each of us has an internal map that forms our interpretation of the world around us, which can be changed by adding options and therefore increasing possibilities. The powerful tools of NLP that I use provide the key techniques that create the performance you want to have.

Ever had those constant doubts in your mind, “Can I do this…what if nerves get the better of me…?” and it continues. I work with you to eliminate these limiting decisions enabling you to train and compete without this happening in your body and to get rid of the self-analyzing running through your mind. Also you will develop strategies and behaviour to overcome these barriers and to concentrate on what you should be doing, rather than what not you are doing?

So What if…?

The signal for the start of your competition goes. Your focus and concentration are there; you totally believe in yourself, no nerves, just calmness and confidence. That’s it, the winning shot, the final touch, crossing the finishing line – you can hear the tremendous applause. This is the best performance of your life. Just a dream? No, that’s Sport Performance with Madfishsport
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