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Does your business run with staff who are unmotivated or stressed out?
Are you a salesperson with a low closing rate?
Would you like to be ‘heard’ by your management? Yes, imagine this!
Wanting to be able to communicate more effectively?
Suffering  from low productivity and want to increase that?
Curious to know how to build better business relationships?

If staff are unhappy, de-motivated, stressed and unproductive their work will suffer and if you’re a business owner or a manager, you’re CERTAINLY not going to get the best out of them and your business will suffer.
What if your staff were excited and motivated, were excellent communicators, filled with motivation and extremely productive at work?
As an employee imagine what it would be like if you were actually looking forward to going to work each morning!
Imagine what would happen if your company closing sales ratios were very high and what that would do to your business! Yes, your company’s business would rocket sky high

With Get Set 4 Success NLP, we can teach Corporate staff powerful skills that are extremely productive for business such as:
Communication & rapport building skills
Leadership, Negotiation, Management, Presentation, Sales skills
Conflict resolution skills
Motivation and confidence building skills
Our courses teach you how to be powerful communicators who are able to get their message across to any other party extremely elegantly. You learn how to negotiate in an extremely artful and eloquent way, whilst developing both a strong and positive self image
Consider if you were to run a presentation or to chair that really important meeting within your business. Imagine what would happen if your attendees walked away thinking that was the most inspiring and motivating presentation or meeting they had been in?
On NLP Practitioner Courses with Get Set 4 Success, we show you how to do that and more. Investing on a course with us means you will be shown techniques on how to close more sales and attract more clients into your business? You also learn how to be able to negotiate effectively and resolve conflict easily? Now think about that!

NLP CAN be applied in business areas such as:
Staff Development
Management Presentations
Customer Service
And many, many more!
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Courses are run by DR Julie Bradshaw MBE  Trainer of NLP , Time Line Therapy™ , Hypnosis & NLP Coaching ,MSc; PGCE; BA (Hons); Dip Couns; MBACP (Accredited);UKRCP; MABNLP; MABH; MTLTA; TEFL Cert.;